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Sonata № 1: Kiss Me, Kill Me, Tell Me Lies

Miss Metaphysi[K]al
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this is a v. 7.0 heart beat. i bleed the reddest china silk and cry black glitter tears that no kiss can sooth. i'm that frozen storm that doesn't have a calm. my words go on for miles but my thoughts reach the heavens. i have methanphetamine dreams and heroin smiles. my heart was stitched up from plush and plastic with steel thread to try to keep it from breaking. my eyes hold the mechanical night sky with all of its glowing stars on wires. im an overdose wating to happen. i'm that broken china doll you can't bear to throw away. lipstick bruises and pixie skin. i'm your absolution and your destruction hand-in-hand. lace binds my appendages so i'm unable to hold the hand of the one beside me in full unadulterated passion. i'd die for my beleifs no matter how foolish or childish they seem to be. your poisions perfume can make a home in my lung because i can say that i haven lived.

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